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ULTIMA BTM - Return of the Competition Titanium

My flight from Toronto landed literally two days ago. For those of you who don't know, I moved to Vancouver a year back to I guess "settle down" and get an adult life. The years of traveling and living in hostels eating pasta needed to end eventually. I went to school, got a job coding and tried to live a more normal 9-5 life. But that also meant I lost a lot of time running Luftverk too - which many will have realized I dropped off the yoyo world for a bit. Going back to Toronto was a strange feeling especially after more than a year. I expected my friends and family to be completely different. Once I landed I...

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Alpina XP47 & XP55 - 2019 Slimline Pocket Throw

The last few months have been a balancing act of a full time programming job and maintaining Luftverk. I look back at how I did things when I was traveling - I'd set up shop and design, release then ship products from wherever I was. Back then it was a challenge because of space. But now it's more of an issue with time. Realizing that I dedicate 8 hours of my day to work, 8 hours for sleep, an hour for a morning workout leaves about 7 hours to keep myself alive (cook), keep the S13 running, and also work on yoyo projects. All this in the statistically least affordable city in North America. To say it's been a handful would be an understatement,...

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Anodized Triple Zero - Last update for 2018

I start my new job as a software developer tomorrow. That's probably the weirdest most unsuspecting thing to come out of 2018. Every year I attempt to guess where I will be at the end of the next year. Most of the time its in a different city, or country. But starting a brand new career path is definitely a massive curveball. Around 3 months ago I came to Vancouver pretty lost. I ended up meeting a lot of new friends through the city but man is it expensive here. I figured doing the whole yoyo thing would work well when I was living at home with my parents in Toronto but moving to the most expensi ve city in Canada...

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Triple Zero - A New Beginning

Life is funny. No matter how hard we try, things never seem to work the way we want them to. And at the same time when everything goes wrong new opportunities arise. As cliche it sounds, that is exactly what happened after I arrived in Vancouver. After driving for nearly 9000 miles. I left Toronto two months ago. I had this crazy plan to do a road trip and meet as many of you guys as possible. Most of you Ive only spoken to briefly online. Many offered to meet with open arms into your personal lives. Your town, your family and friends. Your own city. Where you work. I got to peek inside other peoples lives for a brief moment....

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Diameter Experiment - Silvia XP50 & XP54

It has been a struggle to get a new model out. The prototype phases of this yoyo was an absolute nightmare, with tooling issues and the rising price of Titanium. I made a trip out west to Vancouver to solidify my plans of moving. And during that surprisingly stressful time, I put my head down and just designed.I think the direction of yoyo design likes to ride the popularity wave. 10 years ago it was the Thumb Grind Groove. And then the Hubstack. And although the Skyva is incredibly successful, it would be naive to think the dimple phase won't eventually die out. Larger companies will see what catches on - and pump out designs based on what is popular. But perhaps looking forward isn't the...

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