Triple Zero - A New Beginning

July 31, 2018 3 Comments

Life is funny. No matter how hard we try, things never seem to work the way we want them to. And at the same time when everything goes wrong new opportunities arise. As cliche it sounds, that is exactly what happened after I arrived in Vancouver. After driving for nearly 9000 miles. 

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Diameter Experiment - Silvia XP50 & XP54

February 13, 2018 2 Comments

It has been a struggle to get a new model out. The prototype phases of this yoyo was an absolute nightmare, with tooling issues and the rising price of Titanium. I made a trip out west to Vancouver to solidify my plans of moving. And during that surprisingly stressful time, I put my head down and just designed.

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Anodized Titanium Peak - Risk and Reward

September 13, 2017 1 Comment

 2 years ago I started Luftverk with no intentions other than to make the Evora happen. I never thought I could do collaborations with others, let alone one I respected so much. When Chris agreed to work with me on a Titanium project I knew it was a chance of a life time. 

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The Titanium Peak

July 30, 2017 2 Comments

I really don't know where to start with this post. Because theres so much to say. Im reaching that age where I've been playing with these funny spinning toys longer than I haven't. When Chris announced that the Peak was 10 years old - It made me realize how fast time really passes.

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A Time Machine - The Daytona Slimline

April 24, 2017

Most people who are in this hobby have had many yoyos. Especially the demographic that buys my stuff - they are usually a lot like me in that I bought, sold and traded a lot. I'm pretty sure the reason why I have any talent at all in designing these throws is due to the sheer amount of yoyos I have owned in the past. But for most, there is usually one yoyo that you remember - that one that you first bought. The one I wanted most got away.

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The Fulvia Trifecta

January 25, 2017

The Fulvia was definitely one of the most interesting and demanding projects I have ever taken. Flying half way across the world to work hand in hand with machinist was a true eye opening experience. We dialed the design and machining process down and produced a super limited run of raw yoyos. But I always felt raw didn't cut it. I contacted my anodizer and the picture above is what we came up with. The colors had a very winter feel to them so we headed outside to shoot some pictures in natural lighting.

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Revenge of the Evora - Ti7075

September 09, 2016

From the beginning, the Evora was a sort of strange yoyo. There were many that criticized the design, claiming it didn't utilize titanium's ability to allow for a higher rim weight concentration. And they weren't wrong. Many dismissed it as a yoyo lacking stability during more technical tricks due to the unique weight distribution. 

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CLYW x Luftverk - The Titanium Tundra

July 31, 2016 1 Comment

By now you've likely heard about the Tundra - the project involving both Luftverk and CLYW. It was something we worked together with, using design language from both companies. Its always really interesting when a brand can make a yoyo that has a universal design language across the board. And even though the CLYW line up has expanded to more experimental designs lately, its always very obvious it is a CLYW product - even without looking at logos or engravings. I try to do this with Luftverk as well, where when you pick one up you just know who produced it. 

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How to Package a $500+ Yoyo

July 02, 2016

I love unboxing new things. Now a days though, its pretty rare that I go out and buy something new in package. And its even more rare that it is something over $500. If you really think about it, products that can be held in your palm at a 500$ usually fall under two categories - electronics or jewelry. Both of which normally have superb unboxing experiences. So I kind of knew what I was up against. 

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Ultimate Rim Weight Experiment - The Fulvia Series

May 25, 2016

I flew into Hong Kong to visit with my parents just over a month ago. It was their first time back since they left Canada almost 40 years ago. This place has changed so much so, they couldn't even recognize most of it. And although it was amazing experiencing their home town with them, I was focused on a new goal after they left - to attempt to create a yoyo that has been a "what if" thought for a very long time.

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Do I Need a Titanium Yoyo?

February 25, 2016 1 Comment

Do I need to buy a titanium yoyo? I see this question all the time. And although there are many people who fanboy over the *ting* sound they make, me included - my short honest answer, as a manufacture of titanium yoyos: No, you don't.
Its interesting when I see this question. I usually see it from people who maybe are newer to the hobby, but has noticed the excitement over the titanium yoyos recently released. So this isn't a surprising question to someone who might not be that deep into it yet. But let me explain.

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Crafting the Ultimate Unboxing Experience - With a Camera

February 07, 2016

When my anodizers sent me the color samples of the gorgeous finishes, I knew I needed to do something insane for the last release of 2015. I had finished a Skype call with my sister later that day and somehow I proposed one of my most foolish ideas ever. I wanted to take pictures in three different countries, each corresponding to the Navy, Bronze and AMS2488 of the Octavia release. The issue was that I only had one week before I needed to assemble, release, and ship to customers.

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