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A Time Machine - The Daytona Slimline

Most people who are in this hobby have had many yoyos. Especially the demographic that buys my stuff - they are usually a lot like me in that I bought, sold and traded a lot. I'm pretty sure the reason why I have any talent at all in designing these throws is due to the sheer amount of yoyos I have owned in the past. But for most, there is usually one yoyo that you remember - that one that you first bought. The one I wanted most got away. My real first was a white Yomega Fireball almost 14 years ago. It had a transaxle, starburst response. I didn't really know about "yo-yoing" as I do today, but it was enough for...

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Win The 1/1 PINK Fulvia BTM!

I can't believe I'm giving this away - since it is my all time favorite pieces in my Luftverk collection. The halves were done in the same Lemon Pink as the CLYWxLuftverk Tundras. Its main colour is pink - but turns a golden color in the right light. Its incredible. I don't know how much it is worth, but I got offers for $700 after I posted this contest. I obviously turned them down.The reason why I'm doing this is that both the Luftverk Instagram and Facebook have passed 1000 likes - but I was so busy and totally missed it. I also want to get traction for my newest project, which I have been working on for the last 2...

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The Fulvia Trifecta

The Fulvia was definitely one of the most interesting and demanding projects I have ever taken. Flying half way across the world to work hand in hand with machinist was a true eye opening experience. We dialed the design and machining process down and produced a super limited run of raw yoyos. But I always felt raw didn't cut it. I contacted my anodizer and the picture above is what we came up with. The colors had a very winter feel to them so we headed outside to shoot some pictures in natural lighting. The park we did this shoot in was completely empty which was awesome. The day earlier there was a snow storm which covered everything with fresh powder. Definitely...

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Revenge of the Evora - Ti7075

From the beginning, the Evora was a sort of strange yoyo. There were many that criticized the design, claiming it didn't utilize titanium's ability to allow for a higher rim weight concentration. And they weren't wrong. Many dismissed it as a yoyo lacking stability during more technical tricks due to the unique weight distribution. And when I drew out the first Evora with my good friend Adam next to me, I knew all of this. But those drawings and those initial prototypes just felt so right. And there are certain things in the world that just sometimes can't be measured. The Evora either clicked for people - or it didn't at all. You might remember an article I did a...

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CLYW x Luftverk - The Titanium Tundra

By now you've likely heard about the Tundra - the project involving both Luftverk and CLYW. It was something we worked together with, using design language from both companies. Its always really interesting when a brand can make a yoyo that has a universal design language across the board. And even though the CLYW line up has expanded to more experimental designs lately, its always very obvious it is a CLYW product - even without looking at logos or engravings. I try to do this with Luftverk as well, where when you pick one up you just know who produced it. And it wouldn't be a Luftverk product without a beautiful packaging. When brainstorming ideas, I knew I wanted to create...

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