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Diameter Experiment - Silvia XP50 & XP54

It has been a struggle to get a new model out. The prototype phases of this yoyo was an absolute nightmare, with tooling issues and the rising price of Titanium. I made a trip out west to Vancouver to solidify my plans of moving. And during that surprisingly stressful time, I put my head down and just designed.I think the direction of yoyo design likes to ride the popularity wave. 10 years ago it was the Thumb Grind Groove. And then the Hubstack. And although the Skyva is incredibly successful, it would be naive to think the dimple phase won't eventually die out. Larger companies will see what catches on - and pump out designs based on what is popular. But perhaps looking forward isn't the...

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Anodized Titanium Peak - Risk and Reward

 2 years ago I started Luftverk with no intentions other than to make the Evora happen. I never thought I could do collaborations with others, let alone one I respected so much. When Chris agreed to work with me on a Titanium project I knew it was a chance of a life time.  The anodizing problems that plagued the Tundra had such an emotional impact on me at the time. I kept asking why this run, and not the Octavia, or Evora. Why was it when I was trying everything to make that release as special and impactful to Chris and the rest of the world, that is when things went wrong. We of course were lucky enough that they still played...

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The Titanium Peak

I really don't know where to start with this post. Because theres so much to say. Im reaching that age where I've been playing with these funny spinning toys longer than I haven't. When Chris announced that the Peak was 10 years old - It made me realize how fast time really passes.I remember that first post on Yoyonation. Cliche but it did really feel like yesterday. A new company was a pretty rare thing back then. This new thing was posted called the Peak. There were prototypes getting made - a new yoyo with design characteristics of a 401k and a Hitman. I remember a red prototype. And one with starburst teeth milled into the bearing seat wall. Im literally...

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A Time Machine - The Daytona Slimline

Most people who are in this hobby have had many yoyos. Especially the demographic that buys my stuff - they are usually a lot like me in that I bought, sold and traded a lot. I'm pretty sure the reason why I have any talent at all in designing these throws is due to the sheer amount of yoyos I have owned in the past. But for most, there is usually one yoyo that you remember - that one that you first bought. The one I wanted most got away. My real first was a white Yomega Fireball almost 14 years ago. It had a transaxle, starburst response. I didn't really know about "yo-yoing" as I do today, but it was enough for...

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Win The 1/1 PINK Fulvia BTM!

I can't believe I'm giving this away - since it is my all time favorite pieces in my Luftverk collection. The halves were done in the same Lemon Pink as the CLYWxLuftverk Tundras. Its main colour is pink - but turns a golden color in the right light. Its incredible. I don't know how much it is worth, but I got offers for $700 after I posted this contest. I obviously turned them down.The reason why I'm doing this is that both the Luftverk Instagram and Facebook have passed 1000 likes - but I was so busy and totally missed it. I also want to get traction for my newest project, which I have been working on for the last 2...

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