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Birth Certificate

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. When talking to the print shop, it looked like custom print sizing was going to take even longer to resolve. Unfortunately the quoted date of Monday was a bit optimistic. Each day is just waiting for the final piece. Last I talked to the shop, they said it would likely get done by today. So fingers crossed. With that said, it doesn't mean there isn't work being done. I recently got the certificates done which look spectacular. Each one has been cut by hand - and only signed after testing the yoyo. This ensures a better quality control for each shipment. Trying to streamline how everything will pan out has...

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Build Your Dream

Last few days has been pretty insane. I have been trying to get the packaging and shirts done with a help of a friend, Dwayne. He runs DreamFactory, a print shop located just outside of Toronto. Believe it or not, each shirt is printed by hand in house by Dwayne. I actually met Dwayne years back when I was building my VTEC Austin Mini. I was looking through Kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist) for a B18C1 out of an Integra GSR. Of course Dwayne owned one, and after some negotiation I ended up with a rusty car with the motor still in it. I pulled what I needed off the car, parted it, then crushed the shell. The motor is going...

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The Nostalgic Sellout

July 1st was Canada day. Usually an explosive day of fireworks and drunkenness. But I had other things on my mind. It was the day that the Luftverk website opened, and customers were free to pre-order the Evora.  It was 8:29pm. I knew in that next minute if all the hard work and sleepless nights paid off. I knew I would have a few buyers - friends, and people who had messaged me about getting one. When 8:30pm rolled around, I opened the store. What happened next blew me away. Years ago, there was a Yoyo store called Yoyonation. Back then, only a handful of new manufactures would release yoyos. When they did, people swarmed to get them. It was chaotic, but...

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An Old Friend

Sometimes, friends will just drop out of your life completely. Its not sad - people change. People grow. And that is never a sad thing. I think the last time I explored this little park was with my old friend - lets call her Sasha. No wait, lets call her Sandra. I like Sandra better. Anyway, Its been almost 4 years since the last time I was at this little park. Time sure does fly.  I think the first thing I noticed about this place was the amount of vegetation that grew in the last 4 years. I clearly remember being able to see the ground where I was walking pretty easily back then. Now, there are trees blocking the way. It...

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Evora - First Post

I am sitting here trying to make this website happen. I decided to add a blog section to inform people of progress and new stuff I am working on. Its been a lot of work to get up to this point, and I hope people genuinely like the Evora. So many sleepless nights have been spent working on this thing, and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The aggressive lines and edges really make it unique especially for something made in titanium. As far as I know, it is the first production H-shaped throw made in titanium. The nipple has been pretty controversial in an era of flat hubs. It was a design I have always wanted...

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