I started making titanium yoyos as a machining challenge while studying engineering. I got into yoyos as a kid in 2005 after watching a video of Japan Nationals my cousin sent me, and as a restless fidgety 13 year old - I was hooked. As I got older my interest in the little toy dropped a bit but after I built a 3d printer in my university years, I decided to design and print a yoyo to some degree of success. A few friends wanted them, so I sold them on a simple website. After a while with the influence of the community, I created and released the full titanium Evora which sold out 50 units in under a minute. It was nuts. What was originally a one time release became the brand Luftverk - yet I never expected it to grow to what it is today. Fast forward 6 years later and releases are still happening and the fan base keeps growing larger than I ever imagined.⁣ I still do limited releases (although not as often) and I generally will only do ideas that I am genuinely interested in, regardless of what the rest of the industry is up to. This is possible because of the customers who believe in my designs and products. This really is more of an art than a science and I try not to forget that.

I am lucky to have the support from people all over the world and have opportunities to share my passion for design, photography and the unique properties of titanium. If you are reading this then you are on the new post 2020 website - but to preserve the original unedited information, here is the much longer story I wrote on the old website 5 years ago of how Luftverk came into existence.⁣

If you have any question feel free to contact me via social media or e-mail.
- Jeffrey Pang