Fall Updates - 000 Ti7068, Japan, Future Projects & More

by Jeffrey Pang November 08, 2022

Fall Updates - 000 Ti7068, Japan, Future Projects & More

It feels like it has been a long time since I've done a post but really I think just a lot happened in October. The 000 54SE that was released in September was a huge success - I ended up selling out all units through my direct store. During October it was a grind of getting those orders out the door. I received the Ti-7068 000 and Fulvia, but only half of the accessories and stickers. It's why I had to separate them from this 000 release. The Fulvia sold more than I expected - the Champaign colorway sold so quick I had to pull some from the store for retailers. 

Luftverk Triple Zero ti7068
It was my 30th birthday at the end of October. I felt super stressed out working so much. being a one man operation started taking a toll on me during these bigger releases. I remember looking at the tickets to Japan for an hour deciding if I should go or if I should grind through more work. In hindsight I'm really glad I went. I knew I was going in 2023 but it was awesome catching up with so many friends and planning for next year. It would be cool if I could move there for a few months leading up to worlds. I met up with Eiji Okuyama of Mowl  (https://shop.mowl.jp/) who showed me around Osaka - it definitely felt good having a local show you the cool areas. Eiji is such an awesome dude. I got to meet a bunch of OG THP people and had so much good food. We did end up working on a yoyo design together, but it has been on and off since the first time I met him in Germany so time will tell if it makes it to production. His dedication and attention to detail is actually really impressive - something that inspires me to keep pushing with my own product releases.

I also had the chance to visit one of the most famous drift tracks with a car friend of mine who I've known since I was 19. It was just nice to scope out Japan since I know i'll be there for longer term next year. One of my dreams is to have a drift car in Japan, but the logistics of that is a bit insane. 

I brought my grey 000 on the trip as my main throw - I debated on bringing a Fulvia but I found the lightness of the 000 was less fatiguing as a travel yoyo. It's definitely a much more casual weight distribution compared to the weight rings of the Fulvia.

triple zero luftverk
I really only do blogs for when I explain a new design process. You can check the one I did for the Ti-7068 Fulvia and 000 here. The addition of the anodized finishes explores having different textures on certain surfaces of the yoyo. For both the Fulvia and 000, I requested a bead blast only on the functional grind surface, or "catch zone" while keeping the hub area a more glossy premium machined finish. This interesting contrast really changes how the anodizing looks. The smoother machined surface was also masked off near the bearing seat area, creating a continuity of the hub texture.

For the Fulvia I focused on a warmer fall pantone, while the 000 represents a change to the winter season. The cooler grey, silver and teal colors compliment each other. I also find the cooler colors work well with the softer less aggressive profile of the 000. The same edge and bearing seat engraving has been applied as a minimalist branding touch.

luftverk triple zero
As far as releases goes, it has been super interesting transitioning to a new material and a different price point. It's crazy to think the year is almost over. One of the last things I wanted to update people on is the mentioned full plastic Luftverk yoyo. It will be available for preorder soon - I am super proud of the new manufacturing technique that was developed to make it. I'll explain more on it later, currently I have the final prototypes in hand so it's pretty close to release. I am aiming for a pretty low price point - it has definitely been a challenge with the shipping cost hikes and increasing material prices. With the first batch of yoyos being 3000 pcs I really need the community to help. Hopefully I to pay off the insane amount of money I've dumped into the project but I know that it's on me to make a good product as well.
Triple Zero Luftverk Titanium Yoyo
Anyway that's pretty much everything that's going on in my world. Next year will be interesting - I really see a big change in the manufacturing world. When I started Luftverk 7 years ago, it just felt like such a different place. A lot of my friends are starting to do their own projects so It will be interesting to see where it goes from here! Sorry if this blog post was a bit all over the place - but to wrap it up i'll be dropping the 000 next week! 

Both models will be available for purchase on Sunday, Nov 13th at 10:00pm EST in the Luftverk store.


000 TI7068
Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 63.8g
Response: Luftpad
Price: $175USD



Jeffrey Pang
Jeffrey Pang


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