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Anodized Titanium Peak - Risk and Reward

 2 years ago I started Luftverk with no intentions other than to make the Evora happen. I never thought I could do collaborations with others, let alone one I respected so much. When Chris agreed to work with me on a Titanium project I knew it was a chance of a life time. 
The anodizing problems that plagued the Tundra had such an emotional impact on me at the time. I kept asking why this run, and not the Octavia, or Evora. Why was it when I was trying everything to make that release as special and impactful to Chris and the rest of the world, that is when things went wrong. We of course were lucky enough that they still played great on the string - but we sold them at a discounted price for customers who still wanted one.
To say I was scared anodizing yoyos after that are an understatement. When I asked Chris if we could make a Titanium Peak we agreed that almost all of them would be raw - that would remove the risk that anodizers would mess things up. When I got them machined - I ordered extra to experiment on. We knew that there was a chance something would happen, which is why these Peaks are so limited.
With only 30pcs each, the AMS2488 and Purple Glass Dusted Titanium Peak halves arrived at my place just before my trip to the World Yoyo Contest in Iceland. They sat unopened for a few days as I anticipated the difficulties with dealing with vibration and quality issues. When I got enough couage to assemble the first few, I was surprised. No bearing seat deformations. No blotches. Just a beautiful iridescent finish. Both the colors were chosen for specific reason. While the Peak is what started it for CLYW, the Purple and AMS2488 were the colors on the yoyo that started it all for me - featured on the OG Evora.
Seeing that purple again brought me right back. Funny because I only kept one purple Evora - and I played it so much that the finish is passed broken in. Keeping that yoyo with keys and coins does a toll on it, and when I opened the fresh batch of purple Peaks it was almost strange to see that purple so fresh and pop so much.

I can finally comfortably announce these will be available and are actually on their way to Steve Brown for shipping and fulfilment (He has all the packaging for it as well). I am so happy how gorgeous this yoyo turned out. Modelling the shape off of the first yoyo CLYW ever made, and anodizing it based off of the first yoyo Luftverk ever made will definitely be a prized piece in my own collection. I must thank CLYW again for the opportunity with this project. 

AMS2488 Type II Hardcoat 
Limited: 30 Units
Price: $360USD

Purple Glass Dust Anodized 
Limited: 30 Units
Price: $330USD

Both Available Sunday September 24th 10pm EST through 

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