Unboxing Experience

August 05, 2015 1 Comment

Unboxing Experience

Now that most everyone has received their Evoras, heres an inside look at what made the yoyo so special. Something that is always overlooked is packaging. Many people said they didn't care about fancy packaging but it was something I did for myself. So many companies out there have lackluster packaging, but for a premium product you need to go the extra mile. So I did.
Here is the dreaded packing sleeve that caused so much delay. The print finally decided to work, and in my opinion really sets it apart. The line work on the back side was done with combined efforts of myself and my sister. I make sure it was subtle enough for it to still look minimal.
The cards were printed on this ridiculously hard to find paper. Its not quite 12 point thick, but definitely a card feel to it. It has this really subtle texture that I love about it, and I was actually worried it wouldn't print properly. Worked out amazing in the end. 
I think the number one comment I got on the packaging was that it wasn't packaged like a toy, but rather a high end jewelry or electronic device. After all, we know its more than just a yoyo. I hope this gives enough insight for the ones who didn't get a chance to snag one up on the release date. I am already working on a brand new design and if it all works out - will be ready for November/December. 

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Brett Underhill
Brett Underhill

August 09, 2015

Hi, guess I am lat to the party. I really really want one, any one. If for any reason you find one for sale or have a line on one for sale, please let me know. I want one bad. Please. Great site by the way. And, what looks like an awesome throw. I’m not great, but have a fine appreciation for things well made and designed. I do hand engraving, like you find on fine knives and guns and accessories. If you ever need something, we could work out a barter! I’ll be keeping up with you for any future releases… Thanks, Brett

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