For a detailed design break down check out the Blog Post!

This is the STELVIA XSP, an “Injection Machined” yoyo which is a technique that achieves that classic yoyojam over molded bearing seat feel but the quality of a premium machined aluminum. It is first injection molded into a large plastic blank then the profile is completely CNC machined. This is an independently funded project that I have dumped a monumental amount of money into, so it’s pretty surreal to see it completed! 

This variant dubbed the Stelvia "eXtreme Stability Plastic" has been designed to mimic how a metal yoyo feels based on rotational intertia values. A combination of heavy prototyping and computer simulation has helped achieve a metal like feel while keeping the soul and fun of a plastic yoyo. Please check out the blog post above if you want a full breakdown of this yoyo. 

These will be limited to an initial release of 3000pcs world wide at $30USD each. If you are a retailer and I haven’t reached out yet please feel free to DM me or email me!