Micra Multiform DS1


– Sold Out

This is a project I wanted to tackle since the start of 2021. I had this design for a while but I was always too scared to do it since it was so complicated and involved so many little parts to work together. After months of testing and designing, the first in the Design Study series is released - the Micra Multiform. A modular yoyo with multiple bearing options. 

The purpose of this yoyo is to allow users to experience a wide range of bearing sizes and types while keeping the shape the same, so you can feel how it affects the design. This includes A sized bearing, full width C sized bearing, half spec C sized bearing and a fixed axle bearing blank. There are two varients available, a "Classic" imperial style, and a flat "Square" style. Less than 25 are made of each.

Note - This is an experimental yoyo. Because of this I won't be accepting refunds if yoyo has been used, mainly due to the many intricate parts involved and the difficulty in machining. We try to chase perfection, but with stuff like this it is much more difficult. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me directly.