Note - Raw magnesium oxidizes very quickly. I decided to release these after seeing how my personal units behaved and enjoyed the process. Units will often come with strange blotches and will only grow as time goes on. Although a beautiful process, if you are uncomfortable with this please purchase the ceramic coated version. There will be no refunds for the raw versions.

Introducing the AKURA MG - a magnesium flagship that was in development since 2021. This project was canceled due to performance issues. The focus on plastic yoyos helped me gain the knowledge to fix this project and finally release a product I am genuinely proud of If you would like to know more about the development of this yoyo please check out the blog post here!

The yoyo is packaged with a new style box, creating a unique new experience for Luftverk customers. Every yoyo has a ceramic bearing included, as well as the newly designed sticker and business cards. This is a numbered limited product and likely will not be released again.