Ti PEAK AMS2488 Type II


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AMS2488 Type II is an SAE coating used as a dry lubricant. Its applications include military and medical instruments around the world as an anti-galling agent. The surface is incredibly slick - comparable to the feel of Teflon. 

More information on this standardized finish can be purchased at the SAE standards website. 


The Peak, the iconic first return top ever released by CLYW, set the bar for metal return tops upon its release. Crashing web stores and driving collectors insane with each quickly sold out release, the Peak was the flagship model of CLYW, and the design that launched the company. Ten years later, we cleaned it up, brought it up to modern play standards, and brought it back for a whole new generation of players to enjoy. 

It has been a pleasure to partner with CLYW to give you the Peak as you've never seen it before...reimagined in titanium. 

Limited to just 30 units in AMS2488, the Titanium Peak is a perfect blend of old and new, and built to last. Each yoyo will have a signed and numbered certificate. 

Material: Titanium
Width: 42.5mm
Dia: 55.5mm
Weight: 65.0g
Bearing: Stainless Steel Flat Bearing 
Response: CLYW Snow Tire
Limited: 30 Units in AMS2488 Type II