FULVIA BTM Glass Dust Anodized


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Body Material: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5)
Ring Material: Steel 316 (Stainless)
Width: 43.0 mm
Diameter: 56.0 mm 
Weight: 62.6 grams 
Bearing: Size C Center Trac/Full Ceramic Grooved
Response: 19mm LuftPAD
Limited: 3 Units in Glass Dust Anodized Sky Blue

The Fulvia Bi-Titanium (BTM) was created from a simple idea. Unlike the other bi-metal titaniums on the market, it was designed to push the limits of what titanium as a material can do. The wafer thin hubs allows for a pair of steel ring to make up well over half of the yoyos entire weight. Combined with a low overall weight, it is an extremely stable competition ready yoyo aimed for high speed tricks.

Manufacturing the yoyo cropped up many challenges, mainly machining and assembly. Machining was made difficult with its thin 0.45mm - 0.70 shell. With so much weight on the rings, it means they must be kept dead concentric or else a very pronounced vibration will occur. This leads right into the assembly process. Custom tools were created for assembly purposes. The matching of each ring to body was critical, and often takes hours to assemble a single yoyo.

A soft dusting of glass has been applied to these Fulvias before being anodized a beautiful Sky Blue. The beautiful blue has been chosen to accent the other yoyos in this lineup complimenting the cool color pallet of this release. Limited to just 15 units world wide.

This yoyo is a numbered product that includes a Certificate of Authenticity.