DAYTONA Slimline Anodized


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The Daytona Slimline is a titanium yoyo that pays homage to the modified shapes of yesterday. Based on yoyos such as the Cold Fusion GT and Ace, it brings back a flavour of fun - and in full titanium. The slim shape means it can be comfortably carried in your pants every day and the raw finish means you don't have to worry about scratching anodizing off! The perfect every day carry companion.

Each Daytona comes with a thin and thick bearing. Swap in the thin bearing for instant responsive play. Tug responsive to the point that basic looping tricks are possible! Switch back to the unresponsive full sized bearing and you have a nimble 1A yoyo. be-warned that the thin profile makes hitting your tricks more difficult, perfect for honing in that combo you've been practicing for months. 

Price: 280USD
Material: Titanium
Width: 33.5 mm
Diameter: 53.0 mm 
Weight: 62.5 grams 
Finishes: Anodized Rootbeer, AMS2488, 
Bearing: Size C flat / Size C Half Spec. (AMS2488 and Ultramatte includes Ceramic)
Response: 19mm LuftPAD