DAYTONA Highwall SB Slimline


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In the 2020 year, there is one thing I would like to focus more on which is to collaborate with more people on releases. Creating with someone else is such a genuinely gratifying feeling. I think I am in a very fortunate position where I have a brand power and an amazing fan base where I can display others creativity in the most ultimate platform - in titanium. When I released the Daytona almost 3 years ago, it was my take on a pocket throw that had elements of old school feel. This was me making an educated guess at the things I liked - not by someone who actually was a skilled responsive player. I finally had the idea to reach out to Ed Haponik for advice - someone I've looked up to for a while. His dedication to responsive play and passion for old school yoyos made him the perfect candidate to brain pick and get some real information on how the original Daytona could be improved.
This is the 2020 Daytona SB Highwall. With a lighter total body weight, a higher wall, changed response pads and lastly a switch to small bearing - this is the updated "0A" focused yoyo engineered for responsive play. This limited batch of 25 yoyos is a small passion project for me with many inputs from Ed Haponik himself. 
Width: 30.5mm
Diameter: 53.0mm
Response: CoreCo Pads
Bearing: A sized "small"
Retail Price: 300USD
Limited to 25 Units World Wide