Anodized Titanium Executive


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Ever since I saw the success of this tiny aluminum pocket throw I knew it would be an instant classic. When the idea was thrown around to make a titanium version me, Doctor Popular and Ernest Kahn put our heads together and came up with this retro throwback. The hub area really brings out a Proyo Ace vibe with the Luftverk nipple. The profile is completely unchanged from its aluminum counterpart.

The one thing that they nailed in the original Executive was the profile. Something about the original undersized shape just felt right in the hand for a pocket throw. It was an aspect of the yoyo I wanted to leave completely unchanged since it was such a recognizable and iconic design. The main challenge was converting an existing design to titanium since the material is so much more dense than aluminum. The weight in the hub was extracted quite a bit to remove dead weight. The change from the thicker Onedrop pads to the 19mm slim pads helped shave more material off the hub. This also meant that a captive nipple was needed for the axle - both adding function and from a style perspective, a classic nod to the Luftverk design language.

50 units produced in this batch - get them while you can.
Material: Titanium
Width: 30.0mm
Diameter: 45.0mm 
Weight: 57.4g 
Response: 19mm Silicone Pads