SILVIA Torched Titanium


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Material: Titanium
Diameter: 50mm
Width: 40.5mm
Weight: 65.5g
Response: Luftpad

Material: Titanium
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 44.0mm
Weight: 65.5g
Response Luftpad

The Silvia is the latest titanium yoyo with many new changes - mainly the shape. With the success of the Daytona, the design language was carried over to create a classic - modern design in a full organic shape.

The Silvia comes in two variants - 50mm and 54mm as dictated by the names. They both weigh very similar with the biggest difference being the diameter. This was done to see how different diameters effect the performance and feel of a yoyo, as well as to offer a choice for customers - either a fun zippy pocket throw, or a wider more competition oriented design. Both offer different experiences for different disciplines - the choice is yours.

More information regarding the design of the yoyo can be found in the "Blog" section of the website. Each yoyo will have a signed and numbered certificate.