FULVIA Ultra-Matte


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NOTE ABOUT ULTRAMATTE: This finish is very absorbent. This means it will stain slightly as you use it and it touches the oils your hands. Not unlike nickel or silver plated yoyos, Ultra-matte will develop its own patina unique to you over time. Please note that this is a normal characteristic and personality of this yoyo.

Material: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5)
Width: 43.0 mm
Diameter: 56.0 mm 
Weight: 63.6 grams 
Bearing: Size C Center Trac/Full Ceramic Grooved
Response: 19mm LuftPAD
Limited: 10 Units in Ultra-Matte

The Fulvia is a yoyo that shares the same shape as the Bi-metal Fulvia BTM. But don't be fooled. Although it shares the identical profile, it is meant to be a completely different yoyo and not a budget version. The Fulvia has a different feeling on the string, focusing on higher spin speeds instead of brute rim weight. With the slightly thicker body section, it has more mid-weight than the BTM making it a much more forgivable, but still competition focused throw. 

The brand new finsh "Ultra-Matte" is a super dusty coating that feels similar to a chalkboard. This finish is very reactive to fingerprints and will develop its own patina over time like your favorite pair of jeans. Its unique finish can only be applied to titanium parts and due to its unique properties these are super limited - the rarest of this run.

Each yoyo is numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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