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Material: 7075 Aluminum Body + Titanium Rings
Width: 43.3 mm
Diameter: 54.5 mm
Weight: 65.5 grams
Bearing: CenterTrac
Response: LuftPAD

The Evora was the first yoyo produced by Luftverk. The beautiful hard lines and focused mid weight were some key unique points that stood out among the sea of yoyos. And more than a year later - it is back with new materials and a completely different structure - the Bi-metal 7075/titanium ringed Evora.

With the titanium weight ring, much more of the weight is now pushed out to the edge compared to the original. The unique feeling of a titanium ring is something that has to be experienced. Unlike denser steel weight ringed yoyos, the titanium feels much more forgiving and less of a brute. Adding to the list of experimental ideas a titanium axle was also used. Being around half as light as its steel counter partner, it is a different you can tell, although just slightly. And like the original, it just feels very correct in the hand and gliding through strings - even though it does not spin the longest or have the most rim weight.

The BBB stands for Bead Blasted Black a homage to a yoyo released 10 years ago by SPYY. The Radian MKII "BBB" was such an iconic throw. And as a tribute to one of the greatest companies in the golden growth years of yo-yo design - we have attempted to recreate the dark black color and texture that blew us all away a decade ago.

Note - BGRADE do not come with packaging.