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NOTE ABOUT ULTRAMATTE: This finish is very absorbent. This means it will stain slightly as you use it and it touches the oils your hands. Not unlike nickel or silver plated yoyos, Ultra-matte will develop its own patina unique to you over time. Please note that this is a normal characteristic and personality of this yoyo.

NOTE ABOUT AMS2488 Type II: This is an SAE coating used as a dry lubricant. Its applications include military and medical instruments around the world as an anti-galling agent. The surface is incredibly slick - comparable to the feel of Teflon. More information on this standardized finish can be purchased at the SAE standards website. 

Triple Zero “54SE” - A new experimental variant of the Triple Zero BTM in a smaller 54mm diameter. I submitted the designs for prototype almost a year ago in 2021. It’s been a long work in progress. A huge focus on quality improvements and play feel was applied to this yoyo.

It was lined up to be released in May so I wanted to think of creative ways to incorporate the Side Effect system in other aspects of yoyoing. Two different counterweights were developed to have weight adjustability based on what side effect you use. For the white orb, the ability to sandwich the string gives it a very minimal “vanishing string” look. The titanium button is more of a display piece but can also be weight adjusted based on what Side Effect you install correctly. 5A May is of course long gone as production delays set in haha - as expected.

I reached out to Taka of Spingear in regards to running his famous “Taka gold bearings”. For those who do not know, there was a point in time where these famous bearings were sold on Yoyoguy. Back in 2006, these were one of the legendary bearings that us collectors wanted to use due to its unique smooth and unresponsive play character. The NSK bearing you see is his answer to modern demands of unresponsive yoyoing, and carries that same lineage as the original including the gold color, keeping the theme of this triple zero variant.

Limited units in Raw Titanium with numbered certificates. 

Triple Zero 54SE

Diameter: 54.0mm
Width: 42.9mm
Weight: 65.1g
Response: Luftpad
Price: $465USD

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